Integrity and ethical conduct have always been an inherent part of Sika’s culture. Ethical conduct is one of the cornerstones on which Sika’s excellent reputation is built. Our customers count on it, but also all other stakeholders, most notably our shareholders and all personnel working for Sika. Therefore there is no room for negotiation or interpretation when it comes to following our Code of Conduct with regard to our zero tolerance in the realm of corruption.

In 2013 the Board updated Sika's internal rule with “Sika’s Code of Conduct”. This Code of Conduct is an evolution of the principles and rules which have been strictly followed in Sika for years. Sika wants to continue this tradition and reinforce its highly ethical culture.

Compliance with these rules is ensured through e-learning tools, personal training sessions and various audits, managed by Group Management and the General Counsel. Investigations are launched into all cases of suspected misconduct. Confirmed violations are penalized and can lead to dismissal. In the reporting period Sika recorded no public allegation or sanctions of violations of its rules.