Sikalastic 841ST polyurea system

On the island of Crete in Greece, in the village of Galia (near Heraklion, Phaistos), a public nursery school faced problems with infiltrating water from the roof of the building. The toddlers were living in unhealthy damp rooms with moldy walls. Due to the economic crisis, the local government had no funds available to carry out the much needed repair and maintenance of the building.

Supported by local agents of Graco, world leader in fluid handling systems, Kalivis SA and Sika Hellas SA volunteered to apply the complete Sikalastic 841ST polyurea system on the 230 m2 nursery school roof. The polyurea applied system consisted of Sikafloor 161 primer, Sikalastic 841ST pure polyurea and a Sikalastic 621 top coat. The nursery roof application was carried out successfully and ahead of schedule. The job was completed in less than 2 days including all on-site preparation work.