Sika Chile has undertaken a number of activities to support its local community, and the neighborhood where the Sika Chile offices are located - San Joaquin.

One of the first goals of this project was to improve School Fray Camilo Henríquez, which is one of the schools administrated by the local council. This school receives students from different socio-economic levels, mainly those living in poverty.

With shovels, pots and plants, the Sika collaborators and professionals from Fundación Mi Parque, worked together with students from the 6th primary school. They improved green areas and repaired some of the school's playgrounds in order to create a better environment for the students.

“We want to become a good neighbor, involved in the problems and dreams of the kids of our community, and to contribute to a better future for them" said Rodrigo Sáez, HR Manager of Sika Chile.

Students, teachers, and Sika collaborators worked together to improve the access to the pre-elementary school area, including the playground, the bicycle parking and the trees. The vegetable patch was also improved, garden pots were repaired, and a sow-harvest calendar was painted on the wall by the kids.

Sáez recalled that, "Some months ago the School Director contacted me because she wanted to get support from us in this initiative and our answer was immediately affirmative. The students' happiness was our best reward."

"It was a nice coincidence that we could have the concern to improve the school installation and that Sika could also have the attitude to support us on it. We are happy that our students can have now a better place to study, have lunch or simply play," said Director, Lorena Manríquez.

The Project involved materials, some trees and the participation of 15 Sika collaborators. They were supported by a professional team from Mi Parque who guided the process and made the design plans for the improvements.

Collaborative Governance

Sika has also developed other initiatives for cooperation with the school, which include a guided visit to the Sika facilities for the students from 6th elementary so they can understand Sika's industrial processes, as well as a co-teaching class at Sika's Research and Development Laboratory in which Carolina Valdebenito – R&D Manager - carried out an interactive chemistry class for students from 8th elementary. 

"We want to be the best neighbors from San Joaquin and this activity at the school is an important part of this challenge. It has been a very encouraging experience to see the children smile, to answer their concerns about research topics and share with teachers and parents at the same time."

"We are much more grateful," concluded Rodrigo Sáez.

This successful experience was shared with the Mayor of San Joaquin, Sergio Echeverria, who was very interested in the project led by Sika. He invited the company to share the results in front of other organizations and institutions from the community. It gave Sika an opportunity to be part of the community council's collaborative projects, which include social areas, environmental care, incentives for sport, and the creation of cultural activities, destined to improve the surroundings in which the people of San Joaquin live.  

Another project within this plan is the presence of Sika in San Joaquin’s official radio station, which reaches the whole community. The company will contribute with content broadcasted live to all the neighbours, with useful information about how to fix their homes and reviews of constructions in Chile where Sika solutions have been applied.

Created in 1987, the San Joaquin community is located on the south side of Región Metropolitana. It covers an area of 10 square km and has more than 95,000 inhabitants, with 14.1% living in poverty.