Producing truly original ideas, and ultimately implementing them successfully

Sika supprts Switzerland Innovation, an initiative that comprises several regional sites for research and innovation. National and international companies are attracted to the overall potential of an area. A successful innovation site in Switzerland must therefore

  • network and pool its strengths;
  • ensure quality above all else; and
  • create a unified public image.

Therefore, Switzerland Innovation operates with five legally independent sites and a national organizing institution. The five sites are: Park Basel Area, Park innovaare (Canton Argau), Park Zurich, Park Network West EPFL (Lausanne) and Park Biel/Bienne.

For developing innovative ideas into marketable products, Switzerland Innovation offers domestic and foreign companies the best locations in Switzerland: first-class accessibility, close to universities, suitable for further expansion, and in attractive areas.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich for example has 38 hectares of undeveloped land for the performance of R&D and joint innovation work between the worlds of business and science (Federal Institute of Technology [ETH] Zurich, University of Zurich and universities of applied sciences Zurich). The innovation focus areas are life sciences and quality of life, engineering and environment, and digital technologies and communication.