UPSV supports social integration of orphans

Over 60,000 children in Romania grow up as orphans and they often have difficulties to integrate into society, finding a job and building up a self-dependent life. The social integration center UPSV provides young adults who are excluded from the system at age 18 accommodation for one year and helps them to integrate in society.

They teach independent living skills, give legal advice and counseling, assist in writing CVs and train them for job interviews. Sika Romania has furthermore offered them the necessary support for their medical problems, paid for a spine surgery, dentist, physiotherapy and physical recovery. Sika Romania also paid for authorized courses of professional specialization and helped them to follow their dreams.

Many Success Stories

UPSV focuses on helping and guiding the youth to change their destiny and build their own lives. Many success stories have been written so far. A representative example is Zidaru Laurentiu (age: 21), who always dreamed of becoming a barber. UPSV supported him in finding an authorized course. Zidaru has gratuated and is now working as a hairdresser.

Renovation of the orphanage buildings with the help of the youths

The organization constantly tries to improve their facilities for the orphans. In 2006 they moved to a building in very poor condition and with the financial help of sponsors the youth rehabilitated it themselves.

In 2015, UPSV could sign a new contract for another building in Brasov, which however was in poor condition and had to be completely renovated. So far, the exterior building insulation has been finished. In the interior of the building, the heating installation has been installed as well as two rooms, the kitchen, and a meeting room have been renovated.