Construction projects for a better life

In the area north of Phnom Penh, Smiling Gecko runs several construction projects with a regular, strong construction activity. The projects are headed by the architect and Professor Dirk E. Hebel of ETH Zurich and supported by the Center for Development and Cooperation (CDC) of the Berner Fachhochschule.

Sika supports construction projects in Cambodia
Carpentry and Farmhouse Project

With the support of Sika, Smiling Gecko was able to open the a carpentry which provides 9 additional jobs and training places for young Cambodians. Furthermore, 5 Bungalows and a restaurant have been completed in the "farmhouse project".  

About "Smiling Gecko"

Smiling Gecko works in Cambodia, assisting families and children in need. The charity enables Cambodians to leave poverty and deprivation behind, offering them real long-term prospects. Smiling Gecko therefore focuses on fighting the causes of poverty and helping people to help themselves. To achieve these goals, Smiling Gecko believes that migration to the cities and urbanisation must be stopped by offering rural people viable alternatives. By implementing promising concepts focusing on education and working conditions, the charity wants to ensure that people can gain secure employment and earn a living wage without leaving the countryside. Smiling Gecko is also involved in a resettlement programme to bring people back from the slums in and around Phnom Penh.