Library Project

Sika China is cooperating with "Library Project", a non-profit charity organization. So far Sika China has donated a total of 15,950 books to create libraries in 41 schools, benefitting 6,500 children. Sika also helped to repair some classrooms using its construction products.

These schools are all located in the mountainous regions of Chongqing and Sichuan province, in the south of China and most do not have a quality school library. To the children, the books are like a magic window, through which they can see a wider outside world. The newly refurbished classrooms provide a nice and comfortable reading environment.

A volunteer team takes part in various charity activities

In addition to the book bought through the Library Project organization, Sika China also calls on its staff and partners to donate new or second-hand books by setting up donation sites and organizing "Book Donation Days". A Sika volunteer team was set up to take part in various charity activities. Some volunteers stayed on the reading room refurbishment site even during the National Day holiday; some volunteers came to the schools to set book shelves, sort books and carry out donation ceremonies.

Zhao Ruoyu, Quality Control Engineer, Sika China: "I am honored to be a volunteer of teh Sika Library Program. Books open a door to children to understand the world and the principles of the good and beautifil life. The emotional feedback from the children makes me proud to cheer for the Sika Library program. Education changes the future.

Mike Champion at the donation cerimony of the Library Project
Committed to Social Responsability

Sika has always been committed to social responsibility. Mr. Mike Campion, President of Sika China, when interviewed by China Daily replied, “We do excellent business in China and we feel we should give something back to the community.” Therefore, the library project received great support from top management right from the very beginning. The President continued, “To me, we have opened up the world to these children so that they can see something that maybe they would never have had an opportunity to see.”

Sika volunteers for children
Volunteering for the children

A volunteer team comprised of Sika China management, led by Mike Campion, visited Xinlian Primary School in Longjie, Sichuan Province, one of the schools to which Sika donated libraries. After a short opening ceremony, Sika volunteers went to newly refurbished reading room to play games with the children.

They played tangrams made of Sika flooring materials, and gave out colored concrete dolls (made from Sika cement-based materials, special admixtures and with a coating called Sikagard ElastoColor CW). Moreover, Sika volunteers read stories to the students and played basketball together. Both the volunteers and the children had a great and unforgettable time together. After the games, Sika staff gave stationery kits to the children as gifts while the students presented their drawings to Sika as a thank you gift. Sika volunteers then sorted, numbered and labelled the books.

Sika Refurbishment Solutions
Refurbishment of classrooms

The positive energy is not limited to Sika but also extends to Sika’s contractors. In addition to the donation of books and furniture, Sika also worked with contractor Jilin Deshi Construction Company to refurbish the reading classrooms of seven schools. Due to the damp climate in the southwest of China, the floors, walls and ceilings of the classrooms had become damaged. After repairs to the base, the surfaces of walls and ceilings were then coated with Sikagard® Wallcoat. On the floor, Sika epoxy flooring system (Sikafloor®-264 T + color chips+ Sikafloor®- 315) was installed. The window frames and doors were cleaned and repainted and broken lights were replaced with new ones.

Sika was very selective in the choice of materials and colors. The wall coating and flooring materials are environmentally-friendly, creating a healthy and safe environment for the children. The flooring system, with its excellent anti-slip and anti-wear performance, is safe for use by the children and durable. The color of floor was selected as ocean blue, creating a calm atmosphere in the reading classroom suitable for reading and study. In addition, the blue color of the ocean symbolizes the ocean of knowledge where the children can explore. The windows and doors were painted in enthusiastic yellow or red, which represents a bright future full of hope. Children grow through reading, which also opens a window to a wider outside world to them.

Education is change. It can change a person’s life, a family and even a nation. Through the library project, Sika’s contribution to the education of children in China reflects its commitment to social responsibility.

About the Library Project

The Library Project is a non-profit charity organization. It donates books and libraries to under-financed schools and orphanages in Asia. The Library Project has donated over 1700 libraries since 2006 to primary schools in remote regions in China. The Library Project is a partner of the China Population Welfare Foundation, a charity organization approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.