Sika and the Schweizer Tafel – a longstanding partnership

Sika Schweiz AG has been a partner to the Schweizer Tafel since 2005, donating a substantial amount every year.

Besides believing in the Schweizer Tafel and its work, Sika Schweiz is also aware of its social responsibility and can make a meaningful contribution as part of this partnership. Sika will therefore continue to support the Schweizer Tafel and so help bridge the gap between abundance and need for the benefit of deprived people in Switzerland.

The Schweizer Tafel is a good thing all-round: Unspoiled food is utilized, social institutions are supported and jobseekers can find temporary work. A real virtuous circle.

Food for relief organizations

The Schweizer Tafel is an organization that has made it its business to distribute food rather than throw it away. Each day, employees collect around 14 tons of food from producers, wholesalers and retailers and distribute this freely to social institutions such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, emergency accommodation and other relief organizations.

The Schweizer Tafel has been active in Switzerland since 2001 and currently works in 11 regions. The Schweizer Tafel is a project of the foundation “Hoffnung für Menschen in Not” (Hope for People in Need) and was established along the line of American role models.

The Schweizer Tafel helps

Through its work, the Schweizer Tafel helps directly or practically disadvantaged individuals and people in need throughout Switzerland. 12 permanent staff and numerous voluntary helpers are out and about in 31 refrigerated trucks every day collecting and distributing an average of 14.6 tons food.

The Schweizer Tafel was able to collect and distribute 534,205 kilograms of food in the Zurich region in 2012. That corresponds to a value of CHF 3.48 million.