Legacy Rainbow House works with children who have a brain injury, multiple disabilities or complex health needs. The correct specification of facilities, and in particular flooring, is vital. ComfortFloor® Pro from Sika proved ideal for the children and staff at Rainbow House. The system’s chemical composition and texture absorbs impact and offers the perfect surface for intensive therapy work taking place at the facility, while also providing a high degree of comfort for the children.

Due to its durable and hygienic qualities, the flooring also had significant practical benefits for the application. The liquid applied system was quickly and easily installed in the therapy areas by Crown Flooring as one seamless piece, meaning no joints which can harbor bacteria. In addition, the floor’s constitution means that it resists the growth of bacteria or fungus and is very easy to clean.


Sika has also donated its Sikagard® Hygienic Wall coatings for the whole interior of Rainbow House. The coatings complement the flooring system by offering the same seamless properties as ComfortFloor®.

Sikagard® hygiene coatings are designed to provide exceptional durability as well as an enhanced resistance to cracking, splitting and flaking. In demanding hygiene environments like Rainbow House, standard paints are no match for this range of specifically developed hygienic coatings.