Improving the income of 600 families

The vision of Pro Leche Ayacucho is to improve the income of more than 600 farming families in the region Ayacucho (Peru) on an altitude of over 3,500 meters above sea level (11,500 feet). In this high agriculture is very risky due to the danger of frost and hail. Transfering the milk production from the coast to the Sierra allows the cattle to graze and reduces the milk production costs.

Professional support for local farmers
To improve the efficiency of diary farming Pro Leche Ayacucho offers professional support and jointly finances the projects with the local farmers. Careful water management, appropriate fertilizing, the use of fences and conservation of pasture increase the quality and efficiency of the food for the cattle.

The construction of simple barns with roofs for the cows and calves as well as milking places lead to better health of the animals and an increased milk yield. The quality management of the milk is achieved by improved hygiene, control and education. The crossing and breeding of specific cattle further improves the milk yield from 3.25 liters per cow per day to 10 liters.

Production of local dairy products
The construction of multiple diary factories allowed to produce various dairy products such as cheese which are sold on a regional and national level. Therewith, the milk is used most efficiently, leading to an increased income of the farming families. To further improve and enlarge the projects of Pro Leche Ayacucho, Sika participates the second time with a major contribution.