Empowering people in need

Prem Sadan, Madh Island is a branch of the Society of the Helpers of Mary, Andheri (W), Mumbai. Its mission is to ‘Reaching out to the powerless and the voiceless, especially women and children, and empowering them.’ Sika India recently refurbished its premises to show its solidarity to the cause and reinforce its commitment towards building a better tomorrow for all stakeholders and the society at large.

The support of Sika India encomsses the following activities:

  • Repair of Roof & Roof waterproofing
  • Repair of walls
  • Decorative Painting on walls
  • Painting of Steel Staircases.

Furthermore, Sika provided contribution in kind, for example blankets, toys, medicines, toiletries, books, clothes and electrical devices.

Prem Sadan in Madh Island

Prem Sadan in Madh Island was initiated in the year 1963 to reach out to the socio-economically backward classes. In its initial years, family visits played a major role, Prem Sadan developed slowly into a full- fledged home for the girl children who are orphan, semi- orphan, poor and needy, starting with the sisters rescuing an abandoned new born girl found on the beach in 1963. At present it is a well recognized institution and Prem Sadan is known generally as the Home for Girl Children.

Refurbishing work of Sika for orphanage

Sika Staff visiting the orphanage "Prem Sadan"

Roof Refurbishment by Sika

Roof Refurbishment

Orphanage for Girls in Madh Island, India

Girls of the orphanage in Madh Island

Sika staff visits Prem Sadan Orphanage

Presents for the children