Living and learning in safe environment

Ministerios Pan de Vida is an organization that has 110 abused, neglected, and homeless children under its care. The orphanage offers food, clothing, shelter, education and leisure activities to promote their healthy development and reintegration into society. With the delivery of sports uniform for the American football team 40 children from Ministerios Pan de Vida and and 40 external were benefited.

Thanks to the Romuald Burkard Fund, in 2015 Sika Mexicana continued supporting the scholarship program for two youngsters from Ministerios Pan de Vida.

Violeta Lopez started the scholarship program in 2012, today she has finished her studies Communication Science and Sika offered her the opportunity to occupy a position as a training analyst.

Vicencio Melgoza began the scholarship program in 2012, he graduated from high school and now is studying the 6th semester of IT Engineering. Sika helped Vicencio with tutoring for further progress in his professional studies enable him to achieve his degree. From the five who started the scholarship program, Vicencio is one of two who decided to continue to become a systems engineer and that is why Sika is committed to provide all the tools that he needs to achieve that goal.

Vicencio is living in a transition home continuing to grow as an adult person.


  • Footballfield: construction of the Bleachers, Dress room, Bathroom, and cafeteria.
  • Scholarship Program: Two scholarships are granted in 2015.
  • Dental Care Program: once a month children visit a dentist to receive dental treatment or dental cleaning in each case.
  • Construction of Boy’s House: construction of building

Pan de Vida Orphanage Mexico