Sika Romania supports educational camp for children

22 children from two schools in Romania were ableto attend this year for the first time in their lives an educational summer camp. The children from Pitaru and Potlogi were given the chance to participate at the camp for 5 days of fun and workshops. Sika Romania made this possible.

The „Childhood Camp” is a project run by the Foundation Mereu Aproape. The participants have been selected by a contest that was organised in the two schools. The contest was based on a short story of what they dream to become after finishing school.

„These children have plans for their life, plans that I want them to follow, and when they grow up to give back what they have received”, says Andreea Șurghie, Project Manager Foundation Mereu Aproape. Sika Romania supports the Foundation in order to bring happiness to the children who live under difficult circumstances.

„For us, the most important thing is to continue to offer children positive emotions, pleasant memories and a constructive experience. We aim to make this possible on a regular basis, so that the Childhood Camp can continue year after year (...)”, says Ioana Lorenc, Director of PR and Marketing Sika România.

Sika supports childhood camp in Romania
Foundation Mereu Aproape

Together with its partners and donors the Foundation Mereu Aproape helped over one million people through programs in the fields of health, education, culture, humanitarian aid, disasters and advocacy. It has supported over 10,000 flood victims, built many homes and saved the lives of over 400 children and adults. So far, the financial and material aid provided by the Mereu Nearly Foundation exceeds 10 million euros.