New home for orphans and people with handicap

Sika supports "Samrakshana" (Shelter, give shelter, protect), the home for orphans and disabled people in the state of Telanga, Medak district, in the southern part of west-India. Samrakshana was founded in 2013 by Joseph Vattaparambil and Brigitte Born. 

During 9 years (2006 - 2014) Joseph and Brigitte have established the home for disabled children in Karunalaya and the Akshalashala School. In 2014 the responsibility for the home and the school was taken over by the congregation Bethany. By that time Brigitte and Joseph started to build up "Samrakshana". The home has already been built and 40 children found a new home.

In 2015, Joseph Vattaparambil was proud to have received an award from the Indian Government for the best administrated home in Medak district, State of Telangana.

In the past year, Sika funded the water supply for the orphanage "Mother's Nest". Over 80 children and employees currently live in this home.

Now, a new building for the school is buiklt. Currently 200 children come to "Mother's Nest" in order to receive a school education which allows the families to remedy illiteracy.

Schooling for 200 children

Now, a new building for the school is built. Currently 200 children are coming regularly to "Mother's Nest" in order to receive a school education which  allows the families to remedy illiteracy.

Mother's Nest
Mother's Nest

„Mother´s Nest“ is located in the countryside outside Hyderabad City, where people are poor and lack of essential health supply. Especially water is a precious gem. With Sika's support, water supply for kitchens, sanitary facilities and agriculture could be ensured. The government sends new children to this home every week which is why a new building has been taken under construction. Up to 100 children will find a new home there.

Construction of a water tank

The provision of water is guaranteed by a water tank, a water pipeline  and two pumps. 

Brigitte Born in Dondhi
Construction of an orphan's home in Dondhi, Telanga

Street children unfortunately  belong to the daily life in India. "Samrakshana" was founded to give complete orphans a home. Here the children experience sympathy, love and warmth. They obtain healthy nutrition, medical care if needed and are schooled properly and get professional training.