Yayasan Tirta Lestar (YTL)

Yayasan Tirta Lestar (YTL) works with less fortunate community members to enhance their quality of life and that of the environment. Through the generous support of Sika’s Romuald Burkard Fund, YTL has helped thousands of Indonesians improve their ecological conditions.The programs pf the YTL encompass:

  • Public Health Promotion Program: Develops awareness of practical means to improve water, sanitation and waste conditions
  • Clean Water Program: Facilitates access to clean water and introduces new household drinking treatment
  • Solid Waste Management Program: Promotes the use of waste as a resource and proper solid waste management practices
  • Improved Sanitation Program: Improves and develops latrines and drainage and infiltration methods

Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri (ATMI)

The Jesuits in Indonesia are successfully running a production-based vocational training Centre in Surakarta/Solo, Central Java, which since 1968 has been training youth of lower and middle class families. The centre is fully recognized and acknowledged by the Government and is even seen as a centre of excellence for vocational training in Indonesia.

The Centre’s high reputation is internationally recognized as well by many Swiss and German government agencies. The Centre is self-financed through student fees and a successfully operated production unit in sheet metal. Some of its products are also exported overseas to Europe and America.

Sika supports top notch training centre

Expansion of training infrastructure for the existing and new study streams: ATMI Cikarang has to invest in infrastructure for accommodating new study streams. This includes classrooms, training facilities, teacher preparation rooms as well as facilities for the school administration and for student activities. The existing building-facilities will therefore be expanded by a new building of 3,500m2. Related to this expansion, new access facilities (roads etc.) thanks to Sika's support can be established.