Sika Perú S.A.C., Lurin, Perú

Project Goals

  • Establishment of a hydroponic greenhouse for educational purposes
  • Improve nutrition of Sika employees and their families with crops high in iron: watercress, spinach.
  • Development of qualities like commitment, constancy, innovation, creativity and teamwork.
  • Better understanding of water as a valuable resource, better handling of waste.
Volunteering for the Children's Home Juan Pablo Magno, Lurín

Sika volunteers supported the establishment of a hydroponic garden on the grounds of the Children's Home "Juan Pablo Magno", Lurín.  The staff of Sika Perú continues to take care of the social and environmental initiative.


Mark Schneider, Head Global Product Sustainability at Sika, harvests vegetables and fruits at the hydroponic garden on the premisses of Sika Perú. A second hydroponic garden has been established for the children's home "Juan Pablo Magno" in Lurín, the community where Sika Perú is located in. The project has been processed in the context of the "More Value - Less Impact" campaign of Sika.


  • Sika Peru has installed a greenhouse on its facilities in Lurin. This space used to be a garden, now it's a space of 36 m2 with more than 150 different kind of hydroponic crops.
  • Processing of some recycled goods: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) from some packages, containers of some raw materials, buckets.
  • Installation of a solar panel to assist the water pumps of the electric systems.
  • Teaching of three hydroponic techniques: vertical, dripping and floating roots.
  • Provision of vegetables: lettuce, basil, chives; and some fruits: aguaymanto and cherry tomatos.
  • 30 employees from production and others 30 more from administration and sales are working actively on the project.
  • Organisation of classroom session in the greenhouse.
  • Development of "greenhouse models" to be installed at employee's homes
  • Involvement of third party organizations


  • The first project phase started in November 2015 and will end in December 2016
  • The next step will be to get involved communities near Sika’s facilities in order to help people to improve their nutritional needs and share with them new knowledge.
  • By July 2016 at least five employees of Sika Peru will develop a greenhouse at home or for business porposes.
  • By December 2016, at least one community in Lurin will develop a greenhouse model with the assistance of Sika.