Improving employability and living conditions of disadcantaged individuals

Sika Spain aims to collaborate through direct social actions to improve the welfare of people with disadvantaged conditions in terms of employability or living conditions. With the collaboration with the Fundación Carmen Pardo Valcarce Sika supports a pioneer in defending the fundamental rights of people with intellectual disabilities.

The victims of some kind of abuse find support and help through the Support Unit for Victims with Intellectual Disability (UAVDI). Three Special Employment Centres have been set up over the years, and jobs have already been found for more than 100 individuals with intellectual disabilities in different business areas; its social action includes trying to find new sustainable job niches for individuals with intellectual disabilities..

Sika Spain: Volunteering
Corporate Volunteering

The team of Sika Spain is helping to improve the sport areas of “Carmen Pardo Valcarce” Foundation.  

Multi-facetted support

The Sika support encompasses:

  • Donation of Sika products
  • Training on product application
  • Application of Sikafloor products in a multifunctional sport court in the Foundation facilities
  • Celebration of “Open doors days” with Sika employees