Sika supports a school in Andranovory, Madagascar, that is built up by a small, international congregation, with the name "Mission and Adoration Sisters of the Holy Family."

The community in Andranovory was founded in 2005. Meanwhile, about 500 students attend this school, from nursery school up to and middle school (collège). In August 2012, the congregation, based in Kriens, Switzerland, visited Andranovory and realized that the rehabilitation and expansion of the school building had to be necessarily tackled. Since 2013 Sika has been involved in supporting the school.

Since then, the foundation was laid for two floors, the building has now been enlarged. Instead of eight small rooms on the ground floor, there are now four large rooms on each of the two floors. There are also two small rooms for offices. Sister Annemarie Buhler, Mother Superior: "We thank Sika for the valuable support of our co-sisters in Madagascar, who are committed to the well-being of the cheerful children, their families and to the recovery of the sick."