Sika supports schools in Myanmar

The goal of Sika's support of the non-profit organisation is to help school children in selected schools in Myanmar obtain an improved learning environment, thus receive a better education due to intact school infrastructure, availability of required school furniture, access to teaching materials and additional educational facilities. With the support of Sika individual schools and villages in the Irrawaday delta and in the region around Yangon are supported. Sika employees are volunteering during visits. The schools supported by Sika contributions are: Thit To Chaung, Ma Seine, Pyin Ma Gone, Taung Tha Lae.

Pojects focus on

WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene)

  • Maintenance and extension of sanitary facilities and water supply
  • Maintenance and extension of school building surroundings, schoolyard
  • Hygiene Promotion training
  • Maintenance of rain-water harvesting system training
  • Water supply, drinking water filters and water quality measuring


  • School furniture and materials
  • Multi-media system, computer class
  • School library
  • Extension and optimization of school buildings (power supply by renewable energy, photovoltaic)
  • Teaching Aid (e.g. materials, course)

Renovation of Primary School "Thit To Chaung"

With the support of Sika Thit To Chaung, a Primary School which has 67 children, the existing building and its furniture can be renovated and adapted to the needs of this school. The school is situated in the rural area of Ayeyarwaddy Delta, Myanmar.

The school is not protected with the fence in spite of being surrounded by the farms. There is only one school building which is partially damaged and proper renovation is required. Ceiling were temporarily made with bamboo. A path to the school and a sanitary facilities could already be put into place.

Rennovation of Post Primary School Ma Seine

The school encompasses grades 1 to 8 and recently initiated preschool level (kindergarten). There are 170 children learning at this school. The school has a small campus with only one small building so far.

With the support of the Sika contributions the school will have better and larger facilities in the future.