Water filtration system for clean drinking water

In 2010, the United Nations Organization (UNO) declared clean drinking water as being a human right for all. Nevertheless, still today, hundreds of million people in poor countries have no access to potable water. Serious water-borne diseases like cholera and diarrhea are the consequences.

Water supply and sanitation in Kenya is characterized by low levels of access. According to the Impact Report of the Kenyan Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB), only nine out of 55 water service providers in Kenya provide continuous water supply.

Strong partners in Kenya

With the support of Sika, the Global Nature Fund and Pureflow Water Solutions, Nairobi, are installing a water filtration system in the city Kandara, about 70 km north of Nairobi, providing clean drinking water to its 2,500 inhabitants and further 2,000 people from the surrounding areas. In addition to this, educational programs and informational events sensitize the local population for topics like clean drinking water and the prevention of illnesses.

Improvement of Water Supply

In many areas of Kenya, the poor people spend up to 200 minutes fetching water in both rural and urban areas. Sika supports via the Global Nature Fund the installation of a water filtration system for clean drinking water