Following an innovative biomimicry approach, the so-called green filter is a cost-effective solution to sewage treatment based on natural processes of contaminant degradation in wetlands. Together with the Global Nature Fund (GNF), Germany, Sika supports the implementation of green filters that purify between 0.8 and 1.4 liters of water per second, removing 86% of polluting components hereby significantly contributing to protection of rivers and lakes.

At Lake Sampaloc, Philippines, a green filter  cleans parts of the sewage of surrounding households. Sika and the GNF  are supporting the use of Green Filters in further countries such as Colombia, Mexico and South Africa. Sika solutions for corrosion and concrete protection guarantee high durability of efficient wastewater


In celebration of World Wetlands Day 2017, the Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands, Inc. (SCPW) in partnership with the Life Project for the Youth (LP4Y) and in close coordination with the Philippine Water Partnership (PWP) conducted a Learning Visit to the Green Village in Makati Homeville, Calauan, Laguna last March 30, 2017. The Learning Visit aims to showcase environment-friendly technologies, particularly the Green Filters Project in an Eco-Village and, to promote water conservation by demonstrating simple water and wastewater management system for small communities.

Photo: Participants to the Learning Event on the Green Village featuring the Green Filters on 30 March 2017.