Clean water for villages in Ivory Coast

Since 2008, the GNF realized by the support of Sika AG various drinking water projects in Africa. In Burundi, approx. 5,000 people, especially children, have now access to clean drinking water in the villages Kagwema and Rukaramu north-west of Burundi's capital Bujumbura. In Kenya the 30,000 residents of the village Kandara have access to clean water since the beginning of 2014. In addition to these completed projects four more plants are currently being built in the Ivory Coast.

In 2010, the first project activities were carried out in the regions of Man and N'zi Comoé: the villages in need of pump repairs were selected in close cooperation with the local project partners. By the end of 2012, 24 wells were repaired and until the summer of 2013, another 20 wells were put into operation. As 26 wells in further 22 villages were repaired, the residents of overall 44 villages now have access to fresh groundwater. More than 24,000 Ivorians are currently supplied with fresh water and can thus hope for a better future.


The residents of all villages have been actively involved in the repair of the wells. They have established water committees involving women and men with specific functions and areas of responsibility and thus manage the water distribution in the communities themselves.

Some technicians, who were trained in the technical maintenance of the pumps at the beginning of the project, are responsible for the maintenance of the wells. Others take care of hygiene education in the village, and others again are in charge of the financial management. The inhabitants of the villages have agreed that each pump user pays a small fee per year, in order to cover future maintenance costs of the installed facilities.