The Wildlands Green Filter Plant in Stellenbosch, South Africa, is the result of collaborative efforts to address pollution problems of the Plankenbrug River in Stellenbosch. Sika is proud to be one of the main sponsors of this great green initiative.

Committed to improve water quality and to create new jobs

The recently formed Stellenbosch River Collaborative was looking to improve the water quality in the town’s rivers, and is supporting the piloting of Eco-Machine Technology to divert and treat water from the Plankenbrug River.

“This approach is ground breaking and could, if piloted successfully and monitored carefully to ensure success, revolutionize the wastewater treatment facilities in Langrug and similar areas of the Western Cape (and the rest of South Africa and Africa),” said Jonny Harris of Isidima, one of the developers of the Eco-Machine Technology.

What is most relevant is that these systems not only solve ecological challenges, but provide significant opportunities for job creation. This is the first initiative of its kind to take place in South Africa. The concept of Eco-Machine technology consists of 14 white water tanks with connecting pipes and river plants in it, where the roots of these plants will act as filters to the river water, thus purifying it. As the water flows from one tank to another, the plants will also differ, because some plants can grow in very polluted water and others need clean water to grow - an innovative way to use nature to cleanse itself.

“Wildlands would like to highlight that none of this groundbreaking work would have been possible without the support of its partners,” said Andrew Whitley, Deputy Director of the Greening your Future initiative at Wildlands. “Thank you – Global Nature Fund (GNF), the Stellenbosch Municipality, the Innovation City of SA, Isidima Design & Development, John Todd Ecological Design and Biomimicry SA, Sika AG, Karcher and the Stellenbosch River Collaborative.”

Inauguration of Green Filter Plant


The Inauguration of the Wildlands Green Filter Plant Plankenbrug in Stellenbosch, South Africa, included a full program leading up to the official opening, carried out by the Mayor of Stellenbosch Municipality, Mr Conrad Sidego, followed by a tour of the Eco plant.