Sustainable Construction

As a company with a strong innovative tradition, Sika not only constantly develops creative solutions used in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, we also engage in sharing this tradition across company lines with our partners in trade and industry and other stakeholders. It is in this respect that we engage in the Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (SBCI) of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The initiative brings together stakeholders from all phases of buildings' lifespans. Through SBCI, members take an active role in shaping the market of sustainable buildings and construction.

The SBCI's objective is to promote and support sustainable practices in the building and construction sector:

  • Buildings are routinely designed, constructed and maintained to be optimized over their entire life span.
  • Legislation and building standards include sustainability considerations and requirements.
  • Environmental aspects are normally considered in any project and include short-term as well as long-term aspects.
  • Policies and incentives provided by the Government support sustainable building and construction practices.
  • Investors, insurance companies, property developers and buyers/tenants of buildings are aware of sustainability considerations and take an active role in encouraging such practices.