Steve Rosenberg, USA

Sarah Peake, UK

Riccardo Verga, Italy

Ana Carmona, Spain

Sika Sustainability Academy

The new Regional Sustainability Academy anchors the sustainability strategy in all regions worldwide, and creates the foundation for a strengthened implementation in the Sika business areas.

The development and launch of a Regional Sustainability Academy program within the framework of the Sika Business School sets out to train employees from national subsidiaries as sustainability experts to enable them to spur, drive and accelerate the implementation of the “More Value – Less Impact” strategy at a regional and local level. The aim of the Regional Sustainability Academy is to initiate more activities and drive further progress in the sustainability focus areas.

The local Sustainability Champions support the local management and teams in analyzing and prioritizing focus areas, codeveloping a “More Value – Less Impact” roadmap, initiating and coordinating activities with business relevance and building up a local sustainability committee to engage employeeson all levels.

After the successful start with the Global Sustainability Academy in November 2016 in Switzerland, two regional trainings were held in 2017. They were attended by 37 employees from various business segments from 19 countries in the Asia/Pacific and Latin America regions. The Sustainability Academy will play an important role in involving further national subsidiaries and increasing the number of projects and activities in “More Value– Less Impact” focus areas.