The great opportunity, of using flat rooftops for solar applications was recognized early by Sika. The first photovoltaic (PV) installations on Sarnafil® membranes date back to 2004. Several development steps led to the current Sika® SolarMount-1 (SSM1)system. SSM1 requires no roof penetrations but is hot-air welded to the Sika membrane, which prevents lateral movement ofthe PV plant on the roof over time.

The PV panels on SSM1 can be oriented south or east-west with same SSM1 components. Sika maintains its own solar parks in several locations to:́́

  • Monitor the energy yield of different PV technologies
  • Collect first-hand experience with long-term performance
  • Showcase the flexibility of Sika roofing solutions for PV applications

yes Electricity production on the roof vs. personal consumption

The electricity demand on a typical weekday is represented by the blue curve. The energy produced is represented by the yellow (sunny summer day) and the gray curve (partly cloudy day).

Global warming potential

More Value

  • Customer: International retail chain with a predictable energy load progression.
  • Projects: New buildings or stores with a refurbished flat roof.
  • Requirements: The customer expects a high energy self-consumption rate thanks to the PV plant on the rooftop.
  • Sika Solution: Durable roof buildup with thermoplastic reflective Sarnafil® TS-77 RAL 9016 SR / Sikatherm® PIR roofing system and Sika’s PV system Sika® SolarMount-1.
  • Sika Sustainability Approach: Custom project-specific LCA report including calculation of carbon emissions savings. A selfconsumption rate of 80 – 90% was reached.