Sika Green Roofs - benefits throughout

The addition of a green roof to an otherwise unused area of a building is beneficial for the surrounding environment – and can contribute to your Green Buidling Certification rating. Initial loss of “green” space and its inherent natural processes like photosynthesis are restored, now just a few stories higher. But green roofs, sometimes called vegetated roofs, eco roofs, or living roofs, offer a number of sustainable advantages on an otherwise empty, unused space.

Storm-water retention

During heavy rainfall, run-off from hard / dense surfaces such as pavements and rooftops can cause serious problems such as sewers overflowing and fresh water pollution. Green roofs slow down this water flow by retaining up to 75% of the rainwater, thus alleviating the pressure on storm water and drainage infrastructure.

Reducing the urban heat island effect

More green roofs and fewer dark coloured roofs equal a cooler city. Dark roofs retain heat whilst plants naturally cool the surrounding environment through their evapotranspiration cycles. In cities where the ambient temperature can be up to 10 degrees hotter than in the surrounding rural areas, green roofs can help to bring the overall temperature down – thus contributing to a healthier micro-climate.