Pioneering recycling

Recycling of production waste: Sika has been recycling production waste and roll edge trimmings since the 1960’s.
Recycling of post-consumer waste (end-of-life): Sika was a pioneer in the development of recycling for used roofing membranes and actively participates in the end-of-life recycling program ROOFCOLLECT, the European collection and recycling initiative for roofing and other waterproofing membranes. In the USA, Sika has successfully introduced a recycling program for commercial roofing membranes.
Innovative products made from recycled materials: production waste and post-consumer membranes are recycled into new products, such as protection sheets and walkway pads.

Recycling - the smart choice
Case study for three end-of-life scenarios

Three end-of-life scenarios were modelled for a mechanically fastened Sika thermoplastic PVC membrane: recycling (through shredding and regranulation), incineration and landfill. The results show that recycling is clearly the best solution, giving credits for avoiding additional raw materials that are almost as high as the original costs for production and installation of the membrane. Incineration generates additional CO₂, even if there are credits to be gained from using the incineration as a source of energy.