Application - air quality flooring solutions:

Sika provides low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and VOC-free flooring solutions. They help to avoid summer smog and which improves health and safety conditions during the floor installation process.

Use and Maintenance

  • Air quality:
    Sika provides low emission flooring solutions, which fulfil all requirements for Indoor Air quality in both public and private buildings. Specific Sika flooring solutions are also produced for clean room facilities that have the lowest levels of emissions are possible.

  • Maintenance: Sika seamless flooring systems allow better and easier cleaning over time when compared to other flooring materials with grouted joints or with welds.

  • Refurbishment: Sika flooring systems can easily be refurbished to extend their service life, thereby reducing costs, energy and resources compared with other flooring technologies.

End-of life

High performance Sika flooring solutions provide comparatively thin flooring systems, which means that there is less material to be disposed of at the end of life.

Public Building Carbon Footprint
Public Buildings Carbon Footprint

Sika Comfortfloor® systems provide a wide range of solutions that can meet all technical requirements.

Sika Flooring: Heavy Duty Solutions for the Highest Requirements
Food Industry: Sikafloor® PurCem®

The Food and Beverage Industries are amongst the most demanding in terms of mechanical performance, plus they require extreme high and low temperature performance with resistance to thermal shock.

Sikafloor for Car Parking Areas
Car Parking Areas: Sikafloor®

Sika solutions for Car park decks prevent or accommodate all of the various stresses and exposures including thermal variations, atmospheric carbonation, de-icing salts, traffic impact and abrasion.

Low Emission Systems for Cleanrooms
Cleanrooms: Protecting Critical Environments

Sika has developed advanced new flooring, walling and joint sealing solutions specifically for cleanroom environments.