Concrete admixtures for enhanced performance

Concrete Admixtures are added to a concrete mixture in a very small amount, mainly to improve the performance of concrete in its solid and/or fresh state. Their purpose is to make concrete and construction works more durable and workable, by improving the water tightness (improving corrosion resistance, sulphate resistance, etc.) and by prolonging workability time and improving high early strength development, for example.

Sustainability is a very important aspect for this business area, since for the cement and concrete industry aspects such as energy and resource efficiency, climate change, water scarcity and the rising need for efficient infrastructure are increasingly relevant. Sika’s Concrete Admixtures can support the construction industry, not only by influencing the performance but also, for example, by reducing water and cement consumption.

Sika bio-based admixtures
Bio-based admixtures

Sustainability and resource efficiency are key topics in the concrete industry, also since cement industry is responsible for about 5% of the global carbon emissions and concrete production uses large amounts of water and aggregates.


Sika Solutions for the production of gypsum wallboards
Production of gypsum wallboards

Sika provides the gypsum industry with tailor-made additive solutions for a cost-effective wallboard production based on innovative technologies like ViscoCrete® and Retardan®.

High early strength concrete element production
Admixtures for concrete precast elements

The SikaRapid technology aims to improve the concrete hardening process. Besides enhancing the early strength and durability of the concrete, SikaRapid reduces to half the steam curing time.

INEOS ethylene concrete buffer tank
INEOS ethylene concrete buffer tank

Ineos is building a 1 million tons ethylene concrete buffer tank in Belgium. See the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of two concrete systems with the same performance (W/C ratio of 0.46).

Grinding Aids

Grinding aids are used to improve the production efficiency of cement grinding plants and its energy consumption.

Cooperation Sika - Argos
Paste volume optimized concrete with Sika ViscoCrete

Argos is the main cement and concrete producer in Colombia. Argos and Sika have been working together to reduce water and cement (paste content) in high volume concrete.