Competitive and fit for the future

Sika aspires to classify its product technology range and product portfolio based on impacts on the identified megatrends, such as climate change, water scarcity or resource and energy consumption. For this it is crucial to compare the “costs” with the potential “gains” for the customers on both environmental and economic dimensions. The “costs” are associated to production, application and disposal, while the “gains” arise from the application and use of the products. Sika strives to invest in a portfolio of technologies and products which reduce the overall consumption of limited resources and emission of greenhouse gases.

Main Focus: Sustainable Development

Sika’s vision centers on supplying customers with innovative solutions that boost the efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal of buildings, infrastructure constructions, installations and vehicles, throughout production and use, and thereby make a contribution to sustainable development. Sika views this as a corporate obligation and as a duty for every single employee.


As a guiding principle, Sika is committed to sustainable development. The company participates in Green Building Initiatives, such as LEED in the US, Brazil and Italy, or DGNB in Germany. Sika’s commitment to sustainable development is now further enhanced by the product sustainability approach.