Concerted action

Sika has arranged and organized itself with the requirements of the REACH. Throughout the Sika Group experts are working uniformly together on REACH – across all borders.

The Sika Group has implemented REACH throughout its entire organization and has initiated internally the Project "Sika and REACH". A dedicated REACH Implementation Manager within Sika works to coordinate all internal and external REACH related activities.

Under REACH Sika has the following responsibilities:

  • Sika is primarily a downstream user and in this position will check and ensure that Sika´s usages and applications are considered and supported by our upstream suppliers.
  • Additionally, as a downstream user we are a manufacturer of products (mixtures) and will check that only (pre-)registered substances are used. This must also be coordinated with our suppliers.
  • Sika also imports substances and in this case has the role of the registrant.
  • Under REACH, Sika manufactures some of its own substances. These will also be registered.

Our goal is to further secure and maintain the supply of Sika products to customers. In order to achieve this we are in close contact with our suppliers and closely monitor their activities – with focus on the registration under REACH. We believe this is a significant and vital step in securing continued availability.

Our customers can continue to rely on Sika. We are reviewing all relevant information described in our technical documentation for usage and  application along the supply chain.