People are Key

Committed, competent, responsible employees at every level are crucial for to enabling Sika to attain our many goals.  Changes in the organisation and in working processes require a continuous and systematic flow of information and knowledge transfer.  In addition to operating the Sika Business School, we often work closely with famous Universities and Institutions and other distinguished organizations internationally.

A Rewarding Company

Benefits & Protection for Sika Staff

Bonus systems together with other benefits such as retirement provisions characterises Sika’s compensation policy in various countries. As a global company striving for good corporate citizenship across the world, we are developing a worldwide, uniform minimum standard for retirement provisions and for insurance to protect our staff against the risks of accident and illness.

International Careers

Development of Future Managers

In addition to training, further education and new, diverse tasks, experience in other countries and cultures are important elements in the development of potential Sika Managers.  Group-internal guidelines create security and transparency for employees who leave their home country on behalf of Sika, as well as a fair contract adapted to the specific circumstances of the host country.

Grow with Us

Sika Employees are vital

Sika has over 17,000 employees and operates in 97 countries. Sika is at home all over the world, however it is more than just a job that makes working for Sika so special. Regardless of where you are working for Sika, our company enjoys an excellent reputation among all stakeholders. As a Sika employee, you become a vital part of both protecting and enhancing this reputation.