Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra


Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra has been specifically designed and formulated for obtaining a clean exposed aggregate finish at the face of construction joints where concrete with strengths in excess of 20 MPa are used. (For concrete strengths less than 20 MPa, use Sika® Rugasol MH.) Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra is applied directly to steel or timber formwork prior to the placement of concrete to achieve a clean and uniform depth of aggregate exposure.  Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra retards the setting process of cement on the surface of concrete in contact with the treated formwork to a depth of approx. 3 ‐ 5 mm.  

  • Using Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra to obtain a mechanical key at construction joints eliminates the costly expense of bush hammering, scabbling or sandblasting
  • Aggregate exposed using Sika® Rugasol® MH Extra remains unbroken and firmly embedded in the concrete, ensuring that a strong bond is achieved at the construction joint between existing and new concrete.