Sustainable Sika Solutions for Elastic Bonding

Sika strives for best solutions and developed a full system for wood floor bonding that even exceed the highest requirements of different legislations and eco-labels. Additionally, the environmental impact, such as Cumulative Energy Demand or Carbon Footprint of the main products can be reduced significantly.

Innovative and sustainable products and solutions

Sika’s systems for wood floors consist of innovative products which contribute to sustainable construction solutions in manifold ways:

  • Elastic bonding reduces the stress to substrates and guarantees a durable wood floor with long life time.
  • They ensure good indoor air quality and safe application because all products are solvent free and have very low emissions.
  • „„Elastic adhesives enhance footfall sound dampening of floor systems and improve living atmosphere which is of great importance especially in urbanized regions with dense populations.
  • Fast drying and reacting products shorten the application time, which enable contractors to finish their work in less time. They have to drive only once to the job site.

Sustainability is Integrated

It is in this interest that we invest in research. In the future, this approach will remain crucial to our success, and we will anticipate and respond strongly to major challenges ahead such as energy and resource efficiency, climate change, water scarcity, efficient infrastructure and air quality. These challenges demand new solutions which are directly linked with our company’s growth.

Consequently we need to ensure that sustainability is integrated effectively into our management and business methods, our research and development strategy, marketing and sales activities, production processes and into our collaboration across company lines. As a company with a strong innovative tradition, Sika not only develops creative solutions, we also engage in sharing this tradition across company lines with our partners in trade and industry.